Accommodation with wonderful architecture and very careful decoration that is offered for relaxation. Very comfortable and clean rooms. Wonderful breakfast with fruits and vegetables from the hostess garden. Very kind staff.

Spiridoula, Booking


Very kind hosts. The view is incredible. Breakfast consists of a buffet with various products to choose from. There are plenty of dining options in Papigo. The hike in Drakolimni is fantastic.

Mark, Google


In my opinion, the best destination for winter/summer is Papigo! So what can I say about Avragonio? The rooms were spotless, with magnificent mountain views, nice decoration, warmth!! Thank you for the beautiful hospitality. I  look forward to next time !!!

Dimitris, Booking



The most successful example of restoration of the traditional houses in Papigo. A perfect ballance between traditional and modern.

It has 23 apartments of different sizes and a wonderful yard with an astonishing view of Gamila mountain.


In Papigo, the most beautiful village in Zagoroxoria, "Avragonio" is a wonderful apartment complex in lovely scenery. Stone and wood, earth colors, old doors, and traditional elements, describe the 23 spacious apartments that combine ecology and tradition with comfort and tastefulness in a perfect way.



Stone works of art, inspired from the surrounding scenery complementing it, and at the same time offering all the modern comforts that one can ask for.

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Hiking through the mountains, the scenery of Zagoroxoria in Epirus overwhelms your expectations with its natural beauty, but still, an apartment complex that has the right atmosphere can lift the mood of any visitor complementing perfectly the experience of such a trip in this area.

"Avragonio" in Big Papigo is an apartment complex that is unique in it's kind, being among the three best mountain resorts in Europe.



Another solution for those that don't like the heat or the wind, is a visit to Zogoroxoria and specifically in Papigo where the "Avragonio" apartment complex is full of nature admirers, famous or not...