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Spring 2003 Papigo settlement

On April 27 in an atmosphere of respect for the natural surroundings and the cultural heritage of the area, renovation work began on 6 traditional houses originally at the end of 1760. 


Ecology was an important factor. Stones from fallen down buildings from the past century were used. Wood, windows and doors from the remnants were restored and used as well as ecological paint. During the same period the renovation work was started to enlarge the complex with 19 new independent apartments in a extent 3000 sq.m.


Workers specialized in the traditional art of stone building were recruited. Their specialties: stone masonry, iron handcraft, the well known French professor of architecture Pierre Demarchy and Eleana Ekonomidi, a specialist in interior architecture. 

Finally in April 2004 all were ready

The old buildings and piles of rubble have metamorphosed into works of art. This result was obtained by the combined devoted efforts of all who took part in the task. 


From the youngest apprentice who carried stones to the specialists whose scientific, ecologic and restorative planning made the dream possible.

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